Dairy Quiz (TX) Hardest Questions

1) Which dairy breed originated in the central part of the European continent?

2) Normal presentation of a calf for parturition will have:

3) Which mineral functions in maintaining osmotic pressure, acid-base balance, and body fluid balance?

4) In a cow, where would you find an alveolus?

5) When compared to normal corn silage, brown mid-rib corn silage has more energy and high digestibility. This is due largely to its lower content of ________ .

6) What is the most abundant mineral in the body?

7) Young dairy calves frequently suffer and may die due to scours. The chief cause of deadly scours at this

8) A material used in a footbath for cows with foot rot problems is:

9) About 90% of U.S. dairies use a ________ milking schedule.

10) Abortion in the last trimester of pregnancy is often caused by ________ .

11) Reduced gestation length and retained placenta typically are the first symptoms of ________ vitamin deficiency

12) The portion of the milker unit that first receives the milk as it is withdrawn from the cow is the:

13) What type of mastitis is the easiest to cure?

14) How many days after breeding can a pregnancy be detected by ultrasound?

15) Quality forage is critical for a cow’s milk production. Many people evaluate hay based upon its green color; others think the color is a poor indication of nutrient composition. However, green colored hay is generally considered to have a higher ________ content than more bleached out colored forage.

16) What is the average production lifetime of a dairy cow?

17) The letters FSIS stand for what?

18) The portion of the ruminant digestive system which consists of many folds of tissue is the:

19) A free martin is considered a

20) Producers using BST must give their cows an injection of it every:

21) What does NFDM stand for?

22) Which dairy breed has a restriction for disallowing black markings?

23) A dairy cow that has her feet too far forward (under her belly) is said to be:

24) What percent of lactating dairy cows have oxytocin in their bloodstreams during milking?

25) Brucellosis is also known as:

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