Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) Beef Quality Assurance protocol suggests the proper intramuscular injection site for cattle is the:

2) What is the average normal temperature of healthy swine in degrees Fahrenheit?

3) The testes produce sperm cells and the male sex hormone:

4) The record of the ancestors of a particular animal is recorded in its:

5) Which trait has the highest heritability estimate in cattle?

6) The swine trait having the highest heritability estimate is:

7) A method of animal identification that is a puncture in the skin of numbers or letters is known as:

8) Scrapie is a disease of both sheep and goats that affects the:

9) Feed additives in swine rations that control internal parasites are:

10) Which protein concentrate is limited to use by ruminants?

11) Beef cattle categorized as American breeds have what breed as a genetic base?

12) Which breed of sheep has the strongest flocking instinct?

13) When animals band together in a herd or flock, the behavior is known as:

14) Which fat-soluble vitamin is associated with bone development and calcium absorption?

15) Fat present in muscle tissue is known as:

16) Rations formulated to keep an animal at its current weight and size is a _________ ration.

17) An animal that has extremely straight hind legs is best described as being:

18) The estrous cycle in swine occurs:

19) The process of placing sperm in the female reproductive tract by some other means than natural mating is known as:

20) Which of the following countries produces the most sheep?

21) ____________ is a disease that affects the tissue of the foot in sheep.

22) Which of the following is water-soluble vitamin?

23) When using ultrasound to evaluate breeding swine, the two measurements taken are backfat thickness and:

24) The class of sheep that are evaluated more on the quality of their fleece than other sheep are known as:

25) Which of the following vitamins is in the category of water-soluble?

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