Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) The breed of sheep noted for producing a 200 to 250 percent lamb crop:

2) Which information is NOT typically required for the registration of individual hogs?

3) Many of the odor problems from confinement operations are related to the release of ___________ from manure.

4) Which of the following is water-soluble vitamin?

5) What is the average normal temperature of healthy swine in degrees Fahrenheit?

6) Cattle that are generally between six months and one year old and are sold to people

7) Cattle have how many pairs of chromosomes?

8) Suffolk sheep ancestry goes back to what breed of sheep?

9) The process of preparing calves for the stress of being moved into the feedlot is called:

10) What is the most important nutrient in a swine ration?

11) Which part of the ruminant stomach is recognized as the true stomach?

12) The critical stage of production in livestock when giving birth to their offspring is:

13) Solid floors in hog houses are usually made of ___________.

14) Limousin, Charolais, and Maine-Anjou cattle are important breeds used in U.Sbeef production that all originated from:

15) Newborn animals receive immunity to diseases by drinking:

16) Accelerated lambing is a system that produces ___________________ lamb crops in two years.

17) Which trait for swine has the lowest heritability estimate?

18) A male sheep castrated before reaching sexual maturity is called a:

19) Which breed of cattle is most popular in Europe?

20) Angus and Hereford cattle originated from the species:

21) The growth and development of animals prior to birth.

22) A market where cattle are sold by public bidding, with the animals going to the highest bidder is known as a(n):

23) Which of the following breeds of cattle is NOT primarily white to gray in color?

24) An animal that has extremely straight hind legs is best described as being:

25) Feedstuffs such as hay and silage are classified as:

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