Random Dairy Quiz (TX)

1) Foot Rot is Scientifically known as what?

2) One of the highest heritability traits for milk is:

3) Manure management is a major concern for most modern, large-scale dairies. The newest management techniques being used involve:

4) Cow comfort has been linked to milk production in numerous research studies. Which of the following is NOT an example of a way to improve cow comfort used by dairymen:

5) The only aspect of milk quality that can be completely controlled on the farm is ________ .

6) What percent of crude protein should a calf starter be?

7) After insemination, how long do sperm live in the cow’s reproductive tract?

8) Most dairies in Texas are considered to be CAFO?s. A CAFO is:

9) What percent of lactating dairy cows have oxytocin in their bloodstreams during milking?

10) A calf?s birth weight is approximately ________ % of its? mature weight.

11) New computerized robotic milk stations are becoming a reality today. They have different names but one common one is MOD system. MOD means:

12) High potassium intake will decrease a cows ability to mobilize what?

13) Which mineral is found in high concentrations in soft tissues such as the pancreas, liver, and kidney?

14) Feeding bulky feeds during the dry period and gradually bringing fresh cows back on grain are ways to prevent:

15) The rumen of a mature cow will hold approximately:

16) When examining feed rations, what do the letters NDF stand for?

17) What do the letters EU stands for?

18) Which part of an animal touches the ground if he/she is walking on a correct set of feet and legs?

19) A mutation where a calf is born with a single toe on one or more feet is called

20) What does NSC stand for?

21) What percent of milk is water?

22) What combines the Predicted Transmitting Ability for protein, fat, type and udder composite index and ranks the animal on its ability to transmit a balance of these four traits

23) Parallel milk barns typically have several cows on each side. The cows are arranged in a ________ fashion in this barn.

24) Which system of the cow?s body is most affected by paratuberculosis?

25) The source of rennet (a substance used in cheese making) is:

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