Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) The growth and development of animals prior to birth.

2) Breeds of cattle that are used for both milk and meat production are considered to be:

3) Which of the following breeds of swine is best on performance of litter size?

4) The swine trait having the highest heritability estimate is:

5) Administering a medical agent to livestock that requires placement into the skin is a(n) _________ injection.

6) Which of the following countries produces the most sheep?

7) Which Medium Wool breed was developed in the United States?

8) The first American breed of beef cattle was the:

9) Which protein concentrate is limited to use by ruminants?

10) A maintenance ration for beef cattle is primarily:

11) The first milk produced by a cow after giving birth is known as:

12) Which of the following minerals is categorized as a macro mineral?

13) The amount of ammoniacal nitrogen in a feed multiplied by 6.25 is the ____________ content of a feed.

14) The amount of fat cover on a market steer is referred to as:

15) Solid floors in hog houses are usually made of ___________.

16) In swine, a male that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity is called a:

17) What breed of hair sheep originated in Texas?

18) The use of liquid nitrogen for storage of semen and embryos.

19) The most important wholesale cut of lamb is:

20) Joints in the skeleton of animals that allow free movement and have a fluid-filled cavity are called:

21) A cattle producer that produces breeding stock including bulls and females for cow-calf operations is commonly called a:

22) An animal's central nervous system includes the brain and:

23) The record of the ancestors of a particular animal is recorded in its:

24) An objectionable inherited defect in swine known as a whorl is actually a(n) :

25) Two factors that have a major influence on profitability in swine production are:

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