Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) Which of the following traits is considered undesirable when judging market lambs?

2) Which agency regulates the use of feed additives in the United States?

3) The most prevalent breed of sheep in the world is the:

4) The tube that carries air to an animal's lungs.

5) Swine are in a class of animals that consume both plants and meat known as:

6) A _______________ animal is one that is of a particular breed.

7) The ability to initiate, sustain, and support reproduction.

8) Fistulated cattle are use primarily for ______________ studies and research.

9) Beef cattle or sheep born without horns are commonly referred to as:

10) An animal's central nervous system includes the brain and:

11) Which disease affects the turbinate bones in swine?

12) The breed of sheep noted for producing a 200 to 250 percent lamb crop:

13) Lambs are commonly weaned at about ________________ months of age.

14) When evaluating sheep, the term that refers to ruggedness and stamina is:

15) Which breed of swine does not have a predominant red color?

16) What is the average normal temperature of healthy swine in degrees Fahrenheit?

17) An essential or non-essential element or compound in a food or feed is a(n):

18) Which species of livestock is most efficient into converting feed into energy and protein?

19) Goat meat is marketed under the name:

20) In 1985, a one dollar per head checkoff for every head of beef sold in the United

21) The genetic makeup of an animal is called its:

22) What is a common disqualification in rules for registering animals in a breed association?

23) Organic compounds, which are the building blocks in the formation of proteins, are:

24) Accelerated lambing is a system that produces ___________________ lamb crops in two years.

25) Medications used to produce immunity in livestock that are derived from plasma and fibrinogen removed from blood are:

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