Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) The class of sheep that are evaluated more on the quality of their fleece than other sheep are known as:

2) Which Medium Wool breed of sheep has a white face?

3) The rate or percentage of animals becoming pregnant.

4) An essential or non-essential element or compound in a food or feed is a(n):

5) Limousin, Charolais, and Maine-Anjou cattle are important breeds used in U.Sbeef production that all originated from:

6) The average age of puberty in sheep is:

7) Which of the following feeds is highest in total digestible nutrients (TDN)?

8) An objectionable inherited defect in swine known as a whorl is actually a(n) :

9) Subcutaneous injections are given:

10) When using ultrasound to evaluate breeding swine, the two measurements taken are backfat thickness and:

11) Which protein concentrate is limited to use by ruminants?

12) The most popular breed of registered medium wool sheep in the United States is the:

13) One common characteristic between Yorkshire, Landrace, and Chester Whites is:

14) Solid floors in hog houses are usually made of ___________.

15) Feed additives used to control worms and other internal parasites are:

16) The removal of the testicles from a male animal is:

17) The majority of composite breeds of cattle in the United States use what breed as a foundation?

18) A disease that affects cattle and sheep with symptoms of lameness, followed by depression and fever, followed by swelling in the muscles of the hip, shoulder, chestBack, and neck, with sudden death within 3 days of the onset of the symptoms is:

19) A complex protein produced by living cells that causes changes in other substances in the body without being changed itself and without becoming a part of the product is a(n):

20) Which breed of swine does not have a predominant red color?

21) Feed efficiency can be increased by _____________ grain because less is wasted.

22) The reflex and response that an animal has at birth is:

23) Administering a medical agent to livestock that requires placement into the skin is a(n) _________ injection.

24) A chronic degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system of cattle (also called "Mad Cow Disease")

25) Archeology has found evidence that sheep have been domesticated for _________ years.

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