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livestock judging
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Livestock Judging Terminology

44 terms and phrases used in judging livestock.

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Yearling Weight
Weather (Sheep)
Weaning Weight
Underline (Swine)
Type of Rearing (Sheep)
Type of Birth (Sheep)
Terminal Sire
Sow (Swine)
Scrotal Circumference (Beef Cattle, Sheep)
Ram (Sheep)
Number Weaned (Swine)
Number Born Alive (Swine)
Milking Ability
Percent Muscle (Swine)
Carcass Quality
Frame Score (Beef Cattle)
Growth Rate
KPH Fat Percentage (Beef Cattle)
Polled (Beef Cattle)
Steer (Beef Cattle)
Backfat Thickness (Swine)
Fat Depth Tenth-Rib (Swine)
Fat Thickness (Beef Cattle, Sheep)
Performance Data and Records
Expected Progeny Difference (EPD)
Dressing Percent
Calving Ease
Breeding Animal
Breed Class
Breed Character
Yield Grade
Ribeye Area (Beef Cattle, Sheep)
Quality Grade
Clean jointed
Wide made
Thicker over top

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