Green Lake YFA Judging Open

Friday, January 22, 2021 - Sunday, January 24, 2021

Contest Details

Test your judging skills against your fellow WFBF members! Since we can't get together during COVID, let's have some virtual fun and be a little competitive! Classes will be diverse and encompass livestock, dairy, horses, and meats to see who the judgiest WFBF member is! There will be a reasons portion as well. Reasons can be given on class 1, 5, or 7 according to your specialty.


Contest is being run by Natasha Paris, Green Lake County YFA Chair, who will also be judging the reasons portion of the contest.


Any WFBF member. There will be separate divisions for YFA members and Seasoned members. In addition, if three or more members from the same county in the same division sign up, that will count as a team. The top three scores on a team will count toward the team score.


Yes! Prizes will include gift cards or FB swag for the top 3 scorers in each division, top team in each division, as well as best set of reasons overall!


See our facebook event for announcements and winners! I will do a kickoff on facebook at 6pm on Friday. Judging will be open all weekend. On Sunday I will open a Zoom room in which I will admit one person at a time to give their reasons. At 4 on Sunday when I have the results tabulated I will go live on facebook again to announce the official placings and the winners!

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Contest Classes

#1 · Breeding Heifers
#2 · Market Swine
#3 · Market Lambs
#4 · Market Steers
#5 · Holstein Cows
#6 · Jersey Heifers
#7 · Mares
#8 · Beef T-Bone Steaks
#9 · Breeding Gilts
#10 · Hunter Hack


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