VATAT Multi-Species Contest

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - Thursday, August 1, 2019

Contest Details

Judge 5 classes while at the 2019 VATAT Convention in Corpus Christi. The classes will be from a variety of the disciplines we have on


Officials are from the pool of judges we use to judge livestock, horse, and dairy classes on


Must be in attendance at the 2019 VATAT Conference.

No age requirement, open to both adults and kids, children of ag teachers are eligible to enter.


First prize is a conventient 20 quart YETI cooler, a $200 value.


  1. Most Perfect Scores
  2. Class 1
  3. Class 2
  4. Class 3
  5. Class 4
  6. Class 5
  7. Date User Signed up for


Contest Classes

#1 · Market Steers
#2 · Reining
#3 · Jersey Cows
#4 · RTC Turkeys
#5 · Beef T-Bone Steaks


Contest Ended 8/1/2019.

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