Weekly Online Reasons Jackpot I

Monday, March 30, 2020 - Friday, April 3, 2020

Contest Details

Livestockjudging.com is holding an ONLINE REASONS JACKPOT contest EACH WEEK until the end of the Covid-19 quarantine or the end of the school year (5/29/2020).


Classes will be pulled from our database of fresh, new, unposted classes

Officials will be highly qualified and different weekly

Judging will be done based on accuracy and presentation of video reasons (just like in contest)



Anybody that is currently a member of a 4H or FFA program and has not yet graduated from high school.

Individual contestants cannot win more than twice during the week of contests.

You are giving Livestockjudging.com permission to post your reasons when you enter the contest.


$600. Jackpost style. Paid directly the Monday after the end of the contest.

-Collegiate $300
-High School $200
-Junior $100


Judging starts every MONDAY and ends every FRIDAY at 5 PM

Winners announced and paid by following Monday.

In order to enter, you need a free Livestockjudging.com account. Login and enter the contest then...

1 - Judge the class and submit your placing. A box will show up under the placing asking for the URL of your reasons.
2 - Film yourself talking a set of reasons for the class. Don't worry, reasons will be judged based on presentation and accuracy but not video quality.
3 - Enter the URL of your reasons in the box under your placing.

Contest Classes

#1 · Market Steers


Contest opens 3/30/2020.

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