2023 Poultry Super Series Contest One

Monday, January 16, 2023 - Sunday, January 29, 2023

Contest Details

The Poultry Super Series is a set of five contests open to all Elite account users on Livestockjudging.com.

The contests will consist of classes shot at Texas A&M University in November of 2022. All classes were prepared and officiated by the Texas A&M poultry team.

Carcasses and a few live birds were used in multiple classes. Rather than wasting 20 full turkeys and 50 broilers, several were filmed multiple times after being "modified" between shots. For example, a carcass may appear in a contest as a Grade A, in another as a Grade B, and in another as a NG. However, all classes are newly shot.


Officials for the Poultry Series will be from the Texas A&M Poultry Judging team.


All elite account users on Livestockjudging.com, no additional entry fee required.

Contestants must be active 4-H or FFA members.


Top Five Teams in the series.

**We will survey the participants of the first contest to find out what kind of prizes they would like and use that information to decide what to offer**

As many contestants from a school may participate as you'd like, but we reserve the right to spot-check any entry to make sure they are a real person. Teams will be determined by which Elite account they are on and the top five from each account will count toward each event's final score.

Top Ten Individuals in the series.

The point system may be found on the "Rankings > Super Series > Poultry" page.

We have a healthy budget for prizes and will survey the participants in the first event to see what they'd like us to award.


The good teams will use it as what it is meant to be, another series of events to attend.

But this is an online contest. Don't be that guy. Don't cheat. We reserve the right to kick anybody out of the rankings for any reason. Your students will still be able to participate in the events but won't be eligible for prizes.

Contest Classes

#1 · Bone-In
#2 · Boneless
#3 · Broilers
#4 · Exterior
#5 · Carcass
#6 · Laying Hens
#7 · Interior
#8 · Parts
#9 · RTC Turkeys


Contest opens 1/16/2023 6:00:00 AM.