Can I upgrade with a check?

Posted on 10/8/2020

We accept direct check payments for subscriptions and can get your account upgraded imediately if you know you are going to send payment in and need access todoay.

Check Order Process

  1. Download and print the service order form on the right hand side of this page.
  2. Mail the service order form along with the check to...

    773 Long Meadow
    Spring Branch, TX 78070

  3. We'll send a receipt to you via the e-mail on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we get a W9?

Please e-mail us at jeff@livestockjudging.com and we will get you a W9, typically within 24-hours.

We have practice today, can I get access to video and send in a check later?

Yes. Call us at 210.380.7459 with your username and we will get you upgraded imediately

My district needs a quote or estimate, can you provide one?

Yes, typically within 24-hours. Just send your info to us at jeff@livestockjudging.com and we'll get you whatever documentation you need.

My district requires us to use a purchase order, can you do that?

Yes, visit THIS PAGE for more information.

Yearly Order Form

Send this service order form in with your payments to ensure we have the correct account information for you.


Sole Source Letter

A sole source letter for districts that require documentation.


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