Random Dairy Quiz (TX)

1) When referring to milk test used at the processing plant, what is a DMC?

2) How much more energy do fats contain per unit than carbohydrates and proteins?

3) The hooks and pins on an animal relate most closely to the:

4) This vitamin plays a role in the coagulation of blood:

5) Fermented forage plants relates to:

6) What is the BFP?

7) A calf?s birth weight is approximately ________ % of its? mature weight.

8) Cows have ________ streak canals per teat.

9) Which of the following is a compartment of the dairy cow?s stomach?

10) A dairy cow that has all 8 permanent incisor teeth can be considered to be a minimum of ________ old.

11) The medical name tarsal hygroma, a common aliment of dairy cows is commonly called:

12) The portion of the ruminant digestive system which is known as and functions as the “true” stomach is the:

13) What is the average production lifetime of a dairy cow?

14) What breed is known to produce milk over a greater number of years than all other breeds?

15) Which compartment of a dairy cow’s stomach is located closest to the heart and it is a spot where hardware disease occurs?

16) Milk fever is also (scientifically) known as what?

17) A Babcock test may be used to measure the ________ % of milk.

18) Many dairy bulls have their nose pierced with a ring in it. This allows for:

19) Feeding bulky feeds during the dry period and gradually bringing fresh cows back on grain are ways to prevent:

20) Brucellosis is also known as:

21) A very popular dairy management software in Texas is:

22) What state agency regulates waste management?

23) The source of rennet (a substance used in cheese making) is:

24) The topline of a cow is made up of the:

25) Parallel milk barns typically have several cows on each side. The cows are arranged in a ________ fashion in this barn.

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