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Livestock Judging Practice

Livestockjudging.com is a one of a kind online resource with video and photo practice livestock judging and dairy judging classes from actual contests. Our practice classes include standard judging classes, feeder grading, slaughter grading, keep/cull, and a test generator with questions you or your students will actual see in real contests.

Train your students with constantly updated classes with a new one each Monday, every Monday, 52 weeks a year.

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2015 Area X
Class #9 · Breeding Ewes
Added 7/27/2015
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All of our new video is shot in 1080 resolution as well as lower quality versions for slower internet connections.


All classes include a composite view of all four animals.


One new class posted every week, on Monday, 52 weeks a year.


iPad and mobile device friendly.

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You can purchase access to all of our content via Paypal, check, money order for just $100/yr. We also accept purchase orders from school districts and extension offices.

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You can access 29 videos absolutely free to practice and see if you like our service. For $100/yr (Pro) you get access to everything on the site. For $200/yr (Elite) each of your students has their own username and you will get reports on how they place classes.

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What's New?


A class of the type of market pigs you see late in the judging season has been posted this morning.


This week's new class is our first set of bulls that we've posted in quite some time.


The second set of market steers from Tarleton was posted this morning.


Another class of market lambs from San Antonio has been posted.

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