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Livestock Judging Practice

Livestockjudging.com is a one of a kind online resource with video and photo practice livestock judging and dairy judging classes from actual contests. Our practice classes include standard judging classes, feeder grading, slaughter grading, keep/cull, and a test generator with questions you or your students will actual see in real contests.

Train your students with constantly updated classes with a new one each Monday, every Monday, 52 weeks a year.

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2015 South Texas Judging Clinic
Class #3 · Market Goats
Added 1/26/2015
HD Available · Reasons Available

All of our new video is shot in 1080 resolution as well as lower quality versions for slower internet connections.


All classes include a composite view of all four animals.


One new class posted every week, on Monday, 52 weeks a year.


iPad and mobile device friendly.

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You can purchase access to all of our content via Paypal, check, money order for just $100/yr. We also accept purchase orders from school districts and extension offices.

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You can access X videos absolutely free to practice and see if you like our service. For $100/yr (Pro) you get access to everything on the site. For $200/yr (Elite) each of your students has their own username and you will get reports on how they place classes.

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What's New?


A new class of market goats has been added.


We've added a class of market swine from the South Texas Judging Clinic.


We're shooting classes at the Atascosa County Livestock show today.


Just added a class of commercial breeding heifers that work as an excellent teaching class for soundness.


We are in the process of developing a new website layout that will launch in a few weeks.

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