Livestock Judging Practice is a one of a kind online resource with 287 video livestock judging classes from actual contests. Our practice classes include standard judging classes, feeder grading, slaughter grading, and keep/cull classes that are the same types you or your students will actual see in real contests.

Train your students with constantly updated classes with a new one each Monday, every Monday, 52 weeks a year.

2018 Bellville Houston Collegiate Workout
Class #1 · Market Steers
Added 10/22/2018
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Fresh Content

Fresh Content

You never have to wonder if our content is up to date with new classes being posted every Monday.



Over a dozen keep/cull classes with EPDs.

VR Video

VR Video is the only site that provides virtual reality/360 degree video.

Feeder Cattle

Feeder Cattle

Over two dozen feeder cattle to grade from Texas and Oklahoma.

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