Mississippi State Fair Workout

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - Friday, October 22, 2021

Contest Details

A practice contest open to all Elite account users on Livestockjudging.com.

[This contest will NOT count toward the Texas Cup]


This will NOT use the same officials as the event itself.

Officials for this specific contest will be based purely on user generated officials. The officials WILL NOT be the same as the contest itself.

Questions came from the contest and will use the official answers from the contest.


All teachers and students that are currently on an Elite account with Livestockjudging.com.


A Livestockjudging.com hoodie for the top 3 high point individuals. Tiebreak will be random draw.

Contest Ends In...

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0 Hours
0 Mins
0 Secs

Contest Classes

#1 · Breeding Heifers
#2 · Peformance Wether Dams
#3 · Market Lambs
#4 · Peformance Simmental Heifers
#5 · Breeding Heifers


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