Contest Details
**Contest was extended due to Jeff's medical appointments and the difficulty in calculation poultry official scores**

The Poultry Super Series is a set of five contests open to all Elite account users on

The contests will consist of classes shot at Texas A&M University in November of 2023. All classes were prepared and officiated by the Texas A&M poultry team.

Carcasses and a few birds were used in multiple classes (one carcass may appear in a contest as a Grade A, in another as a Grade B after being modified, and another as a NG after being modified further), but all classes are newly shot.
Texas A&M officials with verbal explanations where appropriate.
All elite account users on
Awards for the top three in each individual contest.
Contest Over
Contest Classes
#1 Laying Hens

#2 Broilers

#3 RTC Turkeys

#4 Carcass

#5 Interior

#6 Exterior

#7 Boneless

#8 Bone-In

#9 Parts

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Entries by State
  1. Texas
  2. Kansas
  3. Wyoming
  4. New Mexico
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Ohio
  7. Georgia
  8. Iowa
  9. Virginia
  10. North Carolina