Contest Details
This practice contest is open to all Elite account users.

This "contest" is just a workout, but we reserve the right to disqualify any suspicious entries because we are giving prizes.

Results are posted in abbreviated form for anybody not on the same Elite account. Your name will only be visible to people logged in to the same Elite account. Ag teachers and judging coaches can view the results of their students but only their students.
This will NOT use the same officials as the event itself.

Officials for this specific contest will be based purely on user-generated officials. The officials WILL NOT be the same as the contest itself for judging classes.
Open to all teachers, students, judging teams, and adults with a username on

There is no team designation and no divisions.
The top three, based on the user-generated officials, will receive merch.

Your choice from...

-Black Hoodie
-Black, White, or Gray Cap
-Five Stenos

**Only eligible for prizes once per 60-days.**

If contestants ineligible finish in the top three, we will move down the ranking to the next place.

Only three prizes will be awarded; tie breaks will be enforced.


1 - Elite account
2 - Not on the same account as somebody who placed higher
3 - Earliest entry
Login to any Elite account on to enter.
Contest Over
Contest Classes
#1 Foliage Container

#2 Blooming Container

#3 Floral Design

#4 Mass Flowers

#5 Form Flowers

#6 Line Flowers

#7 Identification

#8 Identification

#9 Identification

#10 Identification

#11 Identification

#12 Identification

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