Livestock Quiz (TX) Hardest Questions

1) The normal body temperature of cattle is:

2) Which protein concentrate is limited to use by ruminants?

3) The major objection of boar meat is the odor of the meat called boar taintOne compound causing boar taint is:

4) Many of the odor problems from confinement operations are related to the release of ___________ from manure.

5) Administering a medical agent to livestock that requires placement into the skin is a(n) _________ injection.

6) Which breed of sheep was developed at North Carolina State University?

7) An animal's central nervous system includes the brain and:

8) Which state has greatest beef production?

9) When evaluating swine performance data, litter weights are adjusted to a standard of how many days?

10) Feed additives used to prevent disease and promote growth are:

11) Which of the following is water-soluble vitamin?

12) Which trait in sheep has the lowest heritability estimate?

13) Which of the following countries has the greatest number of hogs?

14) Fine Wool breeds of sheep include all of the following EXCEPT:

15) Which trait in beef cattle has the highest heritability estimate?

16) Heifers most commonly reach puberty at the average age of:

17) In 1985, a one dollar per head checkoff for every head of beef sold in the United

18) A swine nutritional health problem caused by lack of iron in the diet.

19) Which breed of beef cattle imported from France was originally used as draft animals?

20) Which part of the ruminant stomach is recognized as the true stomach?

21) The period of time which an animal is pregnant is called:

22) Lamb prices vary throughout the year and reach a high during which time?

23) Fats and oils provide _________ times more energy than do carbohydrates,

24) The majority of medium wool breeds of sheep originated in:

25) What do Hampshires, Polands, and Berkshires have in common?

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