Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) Angus and Hereford cattle originated from the species:

2) The secretion and production of milk in sheep, cattle and swine is known as:

3) More than one-half of all the crossbred sheep in the United States carry some percentage of the particular breed.

4) The majority of medium wool breeds of sheep originated in:

5) The estrous cycle in swine occurs:

6) Cattle infected with this disease often abort during the last half of pregnancy.

7) Which polled breed of cattle originated from horned cattle due to a genetic mutation?

8) The ____________ breed of swine can be traced to the early 1700's?

9) __________ are growths on the skin of cattle caused by a virus.

10) Feed additives used to control worms and other internal parasites are:

11) The majority of composite breeds of cattle in the United States use what breed as a foundation?

12) Beef Quality Assurance protocol suggests the proper intramuscular injection site for cattle is the:

13) A single stomach animal can synthesize ________ of the 22 required amino acids.

14) The amount of fat cover on a market steer is referred to as:

15) Which of the following minerals is categorized as a macro mineral?

16) A swine nutritional health problem caused by lack of iron in the diet.

17) Name the breed of cattle which the United States Congress appropriated money in 1927 because they were almost extinct.

18) What is a common disqualification in rules for registering animals in a breed association?

19) Feed additives used to prevent disease and promote growth are:

20) Nutrients, which an animal can synthesize for growth and maintenance, are in a category called:

21) Most swine purebred associations require several items of information for the registration of individual hogsWhich information is NOT required?

22) Which Medium Wool breed of sheep has a white face?

23) Which information is NOT typically required for the registration of individual hogs?

24) Which species of livestock is most efficient into converting feed into energy and protein?

25) The degree to which the crossbred offspring out performs its purebred parents is:

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