Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) An impairment that affects the performance of the vital life functions.

2) Which species of livestock reaches puberty based on the season and not age?

3) Which breed of sheep has the strongest flocking instinct?

4) What is the most important nutrient in a swine ration?

5) A nutritional problem characterized by a swollen abdomen on the left side, labored breathing, profuse salivation, groaning, lack of appetite, and stiffness.

6) Which country accounts for the highest percent of the world cattle population?

7) Newborn animals receive immunity to diseases by drinking:

8) Vitamins that are stored in the body and need not be consumed everyday are:

9) What area of livestock production is the major issue of animal rights organizations?

10) The breeds of cattle with origin in Europe such as Charolais, Simmental, and Limousin are usually referred to as:

11) The record of the ancestors of a particular animal is recorded in its:

12) The process of placing sperm in the female reproductive tract by some other means than natural mating is known as:

13) The critical stage of production in livestock when giving birth to their offspring is:

14) The average age of puberty in sheep is:

15) A market where cattle are sold by public bidding, with the animals going to the highest bidder is known as a(n):

16) Beef cattle or sheep born without horns are commonly referred to as:

17) The Pork Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act of 1985 established an assessment of ____ per $100 value of pork sold in the United States

18) Vitamins that are not stored in the body and need to be consumed everyday are:

19) The class of sheep that are evaluated more on the quality of their fleece than other sheep are known as:

20) Which part of the ruminant stomach is recognized as the true stomach?

21) The leg and loin of a lamb are the primary wholesale meat cuts that come from the:

22) The average length of gestation for goats is:

23) What is a free-roaming "wild" animal that was once domesticated called?

24) Feed efficiency can be increased by _____________ grain because less is wasted.

25) The average dressing percentage of a steer grading choice is:

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