Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) What do Hampshires, Polands, and Berkshires have in common?

2) A male sheep castrated before reaching sexual maturity is called a:

3) A breed of cattle that originated in Scotland that has a smooth hair coat, black in color, polled, and is one of the most popular breeds in the United States today:

4) The testes produce sperm cells and the male sex hormone:

5) The most important wholesale cut of lamb is:

6) The leg and loin of a lamb are the primary wholesale meat cuts that come from the:

7) Anthrax is a disease caused by bacteria that may remain in the soil for ______ years or longer.

8) The amount of fat cover on a market steer is referred to as:

9) The record of the ancestors of a particular animal is recorded in its:

10) Most swine purebred associations require several items of information for the registration of individual hogsWhich information is NOT required?

11) Which trait in beef cattle has the highest heritability estimate?

12) ____________ is a disease that affects the tissue of the foot in sheep.

13) The amount of ammoniacal nitrogen in a feed multiplied by 6.25 is the ____________ content of a feed.

14) A complex protein produced by living cells that causes changes in other substances in the body without being changed itself and without becoming a part of the product is a(n):

15) Beef cattle categorized as American breeds have what breed as a genetic base?

16) The breed of cattle that was developed on the King Ranch in Texas and consists of 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Shorthorn is called:

17) Beef Quality Assurance protocol suggests the proper intramuscular injection site for cattle is the:

18) A visual evaluation of the amount of muscle on a hog is best seen by looking at the ____________ view of the hog.

19) Fine Wool breeds of sheep include all of the following EXCEPT:

20) The age at which an animal reaches sexual maturity is:

21) One common characteristic between Yorkshire, Landrace, and Chester Whites is:

22) Beef cattle or sheep born without horns are commonly referred to as:

23) The state having the highest population of sheep and lambs is:

24) Baby pigs require temperatures of ______________ degrees F.

25) Which breed of goat produces mohair?

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