Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) The swine trait having the highest heritability estimate is:

2) The amount of ammoniacal nitrogen in a feed multiplied by 6.25 is the ____________ content of a feed.

3) What is a common disqualification in rules for registering animals in a breed association?

4) Estrus in cattle usually occurs every:

5) When animals band together in a herd or flock, the behavior is known as:

6) Feed additives used to control worms and other internal parasites are:

7) EPD stands for:

8) Breeds of cattle that are used for both milk and meat production are considered to be:

9) Which of the following is water-soluble vitamin?

10) Archaeological evidence from the Middle East indicates domestication of the pig occurred as early as __________ years ago.

11) Swine are in a class of animals that consume both plants and meat known as:

12) The leg and loin of a lamb are the primary wholesale meat cuts that come from the:

13) A _______________ animal is one that is of a particular breed.

14) The length of gestation for swine is an average of how many days?

15) A disease carried by insects that affect the eyes of cattle is:

16) An objectionable inherited defect in swine known as a whorl is actually a(n) :

17) About _______ percent of total income from all livestock marketing in the United States comes from the beef industry?

18) The Pork Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act of 1985 established an assessment of ____ per $100 value of pork sold in the United States

19) The breed of cattle that was developed on the King Ranch in Texas and consists of 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Shorthorn is called:

20) The ____________ breed of swine can be traced to the early 1700's?

21) The most popular breed of registered medium wool sheep in the United States is the:

22) The period of time which an animal is pregnant is called:

23) The normal body temperature of cattle is:

24) The expected yield of a hog with a USDA quality grade of No1 is:

25) According to USDA, the greatest expense in the production of livestock is:

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