Random Livestock Quiz (TX)

1) Sheep are a major enterprise in the _________ area of the United States.

2) The process of preparing calves for the stress of being moved into the feedlot is called:

3) The gestation time for cattle is:

4) Feedstuffs such as hay and silage are classified as:

5) What hormone is produced primarily by the ovaries in female animals?

6) The reflex and response that an animal has at birth is:

7) Which fat-soluble vitamin is associated with bone development and calcium absorption?

8) Which of the following wholesale cuts of beef has the highest value?

9) The breed of sheep noted for producing a 200 to 250 percent lamb crop:

10) The genetic makeup of an animal is called its:

11) The average feed conversion ratio for beef cattle on full feed is:

12) A visual evaluation of the amount of muscle on a hog is best seen by looking at the ____________ view of the hog.

13) Modern domestic cattle evolved from what single early ancestor?

14) An impairment that affects the performance of the vital life functions.

15) The first American breed of beef cattle was the:

16) The removal of the testicles from a male animal is:

17) One common characteristic between Yorkshire, Landrace, and Chester Whites is:

18) Pigs must be ear notched for _______________, which is necessary for good record keeping.

19) The Pork Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act of 1985 established an assessment of ____ per $100 value of pork sold in the United States

20) The major objection of boar meat is the odor of the meat called boar taintOne compound causing boar taint is:

21) Most swine purebred associations require several items of information for the registration of individual hogsWhich information is NOT required?

22) Which livestock product has the highest consumption rate in the United States?

23) Joints in the skeleton of animals that allow free movement and have a fluid-filled cavity are called:

24) Which protein concentrate is limited to use by ruminants?

25) What month of the year is the price of slaughter hogs the highest on average?

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