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The bread and butter of but we provide so much more than just livestock judging.

  • Livestock Classes
  • Horse Classes
  • Dairy Classes
  • Meats Classes
  • Poultry Classes

Training Tools

None of this is revolutionary, we judged off of videos 30 years ago, but we aim to provide you with a mutltitude of tools to help train your students and teams.

  • Online Quiz Banks
  • Slaughter and Feeder Sets
  • Score Calculators
  • Custom Class Creation
  • Flash Card Training

Student Management

We're not just a video site, we provide you with tools to help you manage your CDE and judging teams.

  • Unlimited Usernames for Chapter/Club/Team
  • Concurent Access for All Users
  • Assign Classes to Students
  • Crate Contest for Your Students
  • Detailed Reporting

About Us aims to help you train your livestock, horse, dairy, and other CDE teams in a user friendly format.

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