Judging Class Workouts

Workouts are sets of classes that allow you to practice going through an entire event or focus on one specific type of animal/class.

Once you complete a workout, you will be shown your ranking relative to anybody else that completed the same workout. Your name will not be posted publicly for others to see unless they are on the same Elite account as you.

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Workout Real Contest Species Classes
Slick Steers I No Market Steers 8
2021 Easiest Livestock Classes No Livestock 8
2021 Most Popular Livestock No Livestock 10
2021 National 4-H Livestock Yes Livestock 11
San Antonio Trail No Horse - Trail 5
NAILE 4-H Heifers No Breeding Heifers 7
NAILE 4-H Swine No Swine 8
High End Breeding Does I No Does 8
"Common" Breeding Does I No Does 5
2022 American Royal Intercollegiate Yes All 10
Feedlot Cattle No Feedlot Cattle 6
NAILE 4-H Market Steers No Market Steers 3