Collegiate Power Ranking

Contests in Ranking

Year runs from Griswold to NAILE for senior division and from September 1st to end of school year for JuCo.

Contest Date Teams High Point Team
Senior Junior
Houston 3/14/2022 46 Colorado State University Blinn College
Alabama SLE 3/9/2022 11 University of Arkansas Hutchinson Community College
San Antonio 2/26/2022 25 Texas A&M University Blinn College
Iowa Beef Expo 2/13/2022 26 Colorado State University Butler Community College
Dixie National 2/12/2022 19 Oklahoma State University Black Hawk East College
Fort Worth 2/4/2022 10 Texas A&M University Connors State College
National Western 1/13/2022 46 Texas A&M University Black Hawk East College
Cattlemans Congress 1/12/2022 32 Oklahoma State University Black Hawk East College
Arizona National 1/1/2022 4 Colorado State University Modesto Junior College
Griswold 12/17/2021 70 Texas A&M University Black Hawk East College
NAILE 11/17/2021 21 -- Black Hawk East College
American Royal 10/18/2021 27 -- Redlands Community College
Cimarron 10/14/2021 12 -- Redlands Community College
Tulsa State Fair 10/8/2021 21 -- Black Hawk East College
State Fair of Texas 10/4/2021 15 -- Black Hawk East College
World Beef Expo 9/25/2021 2 -- Black Hawk East College
National Barrow Show 9/13/2021 14 -- Black Hawk East College

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Ranking System

Only the top PLACING team for each school is counted and any second, third, etc. teams from the same school are ignored. For example, if Team University places 1st, 3rd, and 6th; we simply do not include a 3rd or 6th place from the event.

1 - Each team starts with a power rating of 1.00

2 - Each contest is given a rating based on the average power rating of the top ten teams at the event.

3 - Teams at the event are then assigned points for the event based on their placing and the strength of the event itself. Winning is emphasised and the difference in points between 1st and 4th is more than the difference in points between 10th and 20th.

4 - A new rating for each team is calculated based on their top five results and the process is started over at step 2 until there is no more fluctuation of ratings.

If you'd like to see a detailed version of the calculation, click a team name. The team's overall power rating will be the same as the average power rating for their top five results.

There is no subjective opinion factored into the power ranking.

If the rating is changing quickly, it's because it is in the process of updating.

As of 2/16/21 Once 5 events have been held, there is a minimum of 2 events to be ranked.

As of 2/16/21 The point system for events with less than 10 schools has been updated to better reflect actual results. i.e. finishing 3rd out of 3 is not the same as finishing 3rd out of 20+ schools.

The alogorithm is based on a modifiation of the Official World Golf Ranking system.


Teams with logos have been in the top ten of the current version of power ranking at some point since September 2020.