2019 Dixie National Collegiate Livestock Judging

Senior Division

Rank Judge Team
1 KYLIE PATTERSON Oklahoma State University
2 DYLAN ENYART Oklahoma State University
3 SYDNEE GERKEN Oklahoma State University
4 REID MCGUIRE Oklahoma State University
5 RYAN GIFFORD Oklahoma State University
6 AUSTYN FUSS Oklahoma State University
7 COOPER PHILLIPS Oklahoma State University
8 KASH ALLAN Oklahoma State University
9 AUSTIN REITZENSTEIN Oklahoma State University
10 ABBY TAYLOR University of Arkansas
11 NATHAN DAVIS University of Arkansas
11 JARROD HALPHEN Oklahoma State University
13 CHASE RATLIFF Oklahoma State University
14 MASON BISHOP University of Arkansas
14 KALY CONE Oklahoma State University
16 LOGAN CORBETT Oklahoma State University
16 TORI OLGER University of Arkansas
18 NONE California State University Chico
18 CHYANNE FOGG University of Arkansas
20 LUCAS WISNEFSKI Oklahoma State University
21 ANDREW DAVIS Ohio State University
22 BRITTANY LUTTRELL University of Arkansas
22 JOHN PRINCE University of Tennesse
24 HUNTER FROBOSE Ohio State University
25 MADDI NATION Oklahoma State University
26 TY WICKLINE University of Tennesse
27 NONE California State University Chico
28 ABIGAYLE POLLOCK University of Tennesse
29 NATE LONG University of Tennesse
30 COOPER SECKER University of Arkansas
31 CAROLINE DAVIS University of Tennesse
32 JASON WADE West Texas A&M University
33 KACI WAY Ohio State University
34 CORA KEY University of Tennesse
35 CLINT PERRY University of Missouri
36 NATALIE AYERS University of Missouri
37 EVAN HORNYAK Ohio State University
38 ZACHARY AYERS University of Missouri
39 NONE California State University Chico
40 IAN BENNETT University of Georgia
41 JAYCIE HEATH University of Kentucky
42 MOLLIE GREEN West Texas A&M University
43 J.R. SNODDY University of Tennesse
44 CODY NORTON University of Florida
45 AMBER GENTRY University of Tennesse
46 PAIGE GEER University of Kentucky
47 MORGAN ROWAN University of Georgia
48 JUSTIN HEASLEY Penn State Universty
49 ABIGAIL SARTIN University of Georgia
50 CALLIE HICKS University of Kentucky
51 SYDNEY GROOM University of Florida
52 ANNA BUTLER University of Georgia
53 QUINTON LANGHALS Ohio State University
54 COLLIN MCCOY Ohio State University
55 ELI PATTEN West Texas A&M University
56 EMILY SUPANCIK Penn State Universty
57 KACI CARTER Ohio State University
58 HADLEY WILLIAMS University of Missouri
59 MEGAN PARSONS University of Kentucky
60 KEVYN THOMPSON West Texas A&M University
61 ETHAN STAS Penn State Universty
62 CLARK FOWLER North Carolina State University
63 TROY SELF North Carolina State University
64 BROOKE MILLER University of Florida
65 RYLEE FITZPATRICK University of Missouri
66 AUTUMN LANKFORD University of Georgia
67 TREY PALMER North Carolina State University
68 MASON CREAGER Ohio State University
69 HOLLY PLSKA University of Florida
70 GRIFFIN TUFTIE University of Kentucky
71 JADEYN ARTHUR West Texas A&M University
72 GRIFFIN HONEYCUTT North Carolina State University
73 JESSI REICHENBACH Penn State Universty
74 MIKAYLA MOORE North Carolina State University
75 SAVANNAH HALL University of Florida
76 JESSICA LEHMANN West Texas A&M University
77 SADIE LACKEY University of Georgia
78 MACEY SALTIS University of Florida
80 KELSEY HARDGARDON University of Kentucky
81 LAUREN EBEL Penn State Universty
82 KRISTINA NADLER University of Missouri
83 MADDY KEYES West Texas A&M University

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